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It's My Birthday... So You Know What That Means
Ready to celebrate?! I am! It's my birthday weekend but I want to help you have an amazing impact on your investing career. When I first got started investing in real estate I had NO MONEY and a 500 CREDIT SCORE. Yep ... and to make matters worst I was homeless and car-less

Looking back over the last 30 years of my life. I've accomplished a lot and I want to share the methods that have allowed me to gain my first million assets of investment real estate. All while doing it with no money or credit. 

Here's What You'll Get

  •  When to use the right technique so you won't make costly mistakes
  • ​How to speak to any seller and find their pain
  • ​Step by Step process to buy investment property with never using your credit or money
  • ​Landlord Friendly Speciality Lease Agreements 
  • ​The Psychology behind convincing a seller that you're the best option to hand their property to you for little to nothing
  • ​Seller carry method and 5+ methods 
  • ​Over 10+ Hours of pure real world education
  • ​The Lease Option Method and How to use it
  • ​$425+ Million Case Study: How to breakdown and identify deal structure
  • Mortgage creation template to secure your deal
  • Master Lease Agreement - Best for buying apartments with NO MONEY or CREDIT
  • ​Commercial Real Estate Purchase Agreement
  • 60 Unit Apartment Case Study: How I bought a 60 Unit apartment with No Money or Credit
  • ​$300,000 Rental Property Case Study: How I bought this property MOVE-IN ready with No Money or Credit
  • ​4-Plex Case Study: How I bought a small apartment with no money or credit
  • ​Subject-To Purchase agreement template
  • ​Investor Friendly Real Estate Purchase Agreement
  • ​How to structure and spot any Creative Finance Deal 
  • ​Understand Exit Strategies and how to use them
  • ​Bonus: Live Deal Structure: One of the audience members had a real deal that he needed help with. So I showed him how to structure the deal and when to set the closing.
  • ​Bonus: Learn the 4 Phases of Every Real Estate Market - So that you know when is the best time to conduct no money real estate deals and where you can find them.
  • ​Bonus: Methods to find No Money real estate properties no matter the market
  • Bonus: How to create tax free wealth with or without real estate
What People Are Saying:
This information is so powerful that it should at least be $997!
- Felesa A., IN
Leland is truly the Obi-Wan Kenobi when it comes to creative finance and real estate investing!
- Larry C., IN
Thanks to what you shared I have a meeting with a seller in foreclosure. I'll see if they're going to sell for $0.00
- James N., IN
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